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What We Do

My first open-source design in a while, All Blue was created with maximum flexibility and usability in mind. It doesn't sacrifice usability for looks, as many low-contrast 9-pt.-font templates do, and instead uses large, high-contrast text with a pleasant blue-grey color scheme. For usability, contact information is where users expect it to be - as is the search bar. Breadcrumbs reduce the number of users that get lost in a site every year. This page is valid XHTML 1.0 strict and uses valid CSS. It's been tested in Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorers 5-7, and Opera.

Some Suggestions

To make the design more user-friendly, I recommend using javascript to clear the search box when the user focuses on it, something impossible to do with CSS. Also, the calendar currently uses the title attribute to create mouseover event descriptions. I would have liked to use javascript mouseover tooltips (like qTip or Mootools Tips) instead to increase cross-browser compatibility and usability; I recommend adding them if you're comfortable with javascript.

Usage Information

While this design is released as open source, I ask that you keep the text "Design by BC Design" in the footer, and maybe even link to my site, The little filetype icons to the right were created by Mark James, and are available as part of the open source Silk icon set.

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